Hi guys,


Today’s short break announcement is just a quick  message to let you know that I am doing the microblading of my eyebrows and it is impossible for me to test some products for 2 weeks till everything is properly healed. Since my skin is quite oily on my forehead and it naturally rejects the deposited pigment quite fast I am forced to stop using all kinds of sheet masks and masks in general for the period of 2 weeks.


This affects my testing and posting abilities so I have chosen to take a small break for those 2 weeks where I will accumulate some more new products instead. I will create one of the posts with a sum-up of the shops where I usually by my skin care trying to provide you with the information on how, what, where, how often and the shipping experiences so far. Most of my skin care has to cross the customs so I’ll talk about it as well.


For the rest of the time you can always scroll back in time to see what other product I have already reviewed. I hope you find some more useful info for yourselves while I am having some time-off from writing.


Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati ?