Today’s post is as I promised about the K-beauty shopping and where do I buy K-beauty items from. This post is going to be split into 2 sections: shopping from Netherlands and Belgium and International shopping. A lot of stores may be known to you and are already your favorites. Anyhow, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line below in the comments.

Shopping from Netherlands and Belgium

❇ Littlewonderland:

This website is my major supply page. Why? Well, they offer a lot of great and unique brands including LEEGEEHAAM, Manyo Factory, BonAir, Papa Recipe, Troiareuke and so forth. They are well known for the big assortment of brands and of course for their Wonder Box which is a sheet mask subscription that delivers 10 sheet masks each masks to your door step all at the price of 16,95€ plus shipping costs. They do run occasional offers and discounts and the shipping to NL and BE is usually instant so that you receive your order the next day. One big bonus that they offer is a free sheet mask for the purchases that exceed 30 euros. Plus they do listen to their customer and if you are looking for a specific sample of a product and notify them of it, if they have it , you’ll most certainly get it with your purchase. They ship internationally as well and if your order exceeds a certain amount, you are eligible for free shipping as well. More info on the shipping can be found here.

❇ Honeysu:

Big online store originating from Belgium. Unfortunately, not so many offers or discount are available making this one of the least online stores used by me. The main reason for it is the lack of good value deals. Plus point is that they cater brands such as Purito, Whamisa, Blithe and Frudia. The shipping to NL takes about two days. They have their own blog that is a good read with a nice cup of tea. I love their aesthetic appeal and will be visiting their actual store which is located in Brussels. This company ships internationally and you are eligible to a free shipping to NL if your order exceeds 50€.

❇ Haru Haru Beauty:

Haru Haru Beauty has been around for some time now. It is always lovely to visit their store in Rotterdam and shop online as well. They cater E Nature, Yadah, A. by Bom, Benton, iUNIK, Hello Skin and few other nice K-beauty brands. The shipping is fast and free after your total amount reaches 50€ limit. Overall very happy with the actual store and the fact that there is one more on the way in Amsterdam. If you are one of those people who hates the blind buy, go out to test the items in the stores!

❇ Coos-Cosmetics:

A great webshop that runs quite few offers. You also get a welcome discount off 15% on top of your first order. I love their selection of Pyunkang Yul stuff and they cater HYGGEE , Klavuu, Olvarries and I’m From brands. What I like about this shop is how they package their gifts. It has been a great pleasure to order from them and I will  definitely do it again. The free delivery order minimum is 50€ for NL customers and 75€ for BE customers. Free shipping is usually by DHL and takes 2-3 working days.

❇ Shopichigo:

This webshop is out there in NL but I’ve never purchased from them. To be honest I don’t know why. They cater TIA’M, A’PIEU, Missha, COSRX, Laneige, Etude House, Holika Holika. Shipping is free for NL customers if their order exceeds 30€ . For Belgium and Germany customers the free shipping starts with 50€.

❇ BBCreamShop:

One of the greatest webshops to get products from the brand such as MISSHA, Holika Holika, It’s SKIN, Beauty Friends and Lioele. I get all of my missha products from here and, as you may know, I stock up on my masks from this brand from here. The free shipping to Netherlands is offered on the orders above 35€. International shipping is also possible.


The local branch of MISSHA in Netherlands.  A nice shop with fast delivery and you can choose your own MISSHA samples. Same as with the store above, the free shipping is offered on all orders above 35€.

International  K-beuaty shopping

❇ Ebay:

I love Ebay as a lot of products can be bought there straight from the manufacturing brand. The shipping costs are always relatively affordable. In many cases shipping is free as well. The main issue with purchasing from abroad is the long delivery time. Of course it varies from the seller to seller but, honestly, sometimes it takes an entire month for something simple to be delivered. I purchase my The Face Shop sheet masks and LEEGEEHAAM skincare almost always form Ebay. Beware, customs free shipping limit in NL is 29 euros. Frequently, if you exceed the amount you are obliged to pay customs on top of the total value of your purchase.

❇ Stylekorean:

Stylekorean is my go to k-beauty store of all times. I love the variety of the brands they offer. They constantly run several deals which include certain brand sales, Time deals and much more. Time deal is a certain discount that you get on an offered item and it is valid only through certain period of time. For example, a lot of sets are offered at the process of 40-50$ and contain products valued above 100$. They also do coupons for 20% off on top of the price on an entire order if it exceeds 100$. The downside is the shipping costs which is related to the weight of the items. It starts at around 7 euros and the heavier the pack, the more it will eventually cost you for the stuff to get delivered. One of the greatest things about Stylekorean is that I’ve never had any issues with the customs and paying extra taxes on my parcels. Therefore, highly recommend this one.


YESSTYLE is a very good store with thousands of skincare and sheet masks available for purchase. The shipping is usually dependent on the amount of what you order and higher the order, cheaper the shipping. They do offer things at reasonable prices and run occasional offers on certain product. The downside of this webshop is that the shipping is long and you may get charged extra if the order exceeds the allowed tax-free minimum on the imported goods. If you are an US resident, you are free to order as much as you like all custom-fee free.

❇ iHerb:

iHerb offers a lot of K-beauty brandssuch as Pyunkang Yul, The Face Shop, Etude House, Innisfree, Petitfee, MISSHA andso on. The choice is sparse though as they only offer selected items and not an entire range of products. You sometimes have shipping saver items meaning that the shipping fee is free of charge on those. Just look for a small green car logo next to the image of the item sold and you will know that this item is delivered free of charge. Same as with other goods from abroad, be careful if you exceed tax-free maximum amount. Parcels from iHerb are always checked in Dutch custom facilities!!! Also, when it comes to finding limited editions and products from more unique K-beauty brands such as LabNo and BuEno, go to Ebay because it sells nearly everything from these two amazing lines.

❇ Other international sellers:

Of course there are many other international retailers out there that are great too but unfortunately I am a creature of habit so I tend to stick to the stores that I’ve mentioned above. From all I know, if you are seeking a good shop with tons of sheet masks, RoseRoseShop can be a great option for you.  If you are in US, one of the best places to buy great popular K-beauty items is SOKOGLAM. Many of you may be familiar with this website already as it is truly amazing and super popular amongst customers due to their care for the detail when it comes to custom shopping.

That was it guys. These are the main online shops where I place my purchases for my skincare and masks. Of course there are thousands more pages including the original manufacturers that offer K-beauty goods on the web. Feel free to share in the comment section below what gave been your shopping experiences and give some tips on the websites you like to shop at. For now, have a safe shopping and enjoy the K-beauty world!!!

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati ?