BELLAMONSTER Sensitive Care Solution Toner is one of the top notch toners that I have tried in last few weeks. Everything about it starting from the packaging and ending up with the flawless skin is true perfection and the surprising texture makes it fun to use on daily basis. I have ordered a back-up and I am currently considering sniffing out some more products from this brand.


Claims from the manufacturer:

❇ Nourish skin without causing irritation. Soothes tired and sensitive skin
❇ A toner infused with mineral-rich seaweed extracts to effectively soothe skin irritation while revitalizing the skin.
❇ Boosts the moisture level and improves the ability of the skin to retain moisture.
❇ Helps promote a healthy-looking complexion

Directions from the manufacturer:

After cleansing, apply a decent amount of product using your hands or a cotton wipe.


Unfortunately the packaging of the tones is entirely in Korean and the manufacturer didn't reply (yet) on my e-mail requesting the full list of ingredients. From What I can tell, main ingredients are sourced from Hizika Fusiforme and Undaria Pinnatifida seaweeds. It also seems to contain allantoin, beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, lavender oil and some preservatives. Once the full list is available, I'll update this post. For now we have to work with what we got 🙂

My experience:

The reason I got this BELLAMONSTER Sensitive Care Solution Toner was fairly simple. It was on mega introduction sale via StyleKorean and I needed a lightweight something for the summer. I have recently opened my Blithe 9 Essence Seeds Vital Treatment that I tend to use in the hotter months and, to be honest, the BELLAMONSTER toner has entirely replaced the one from Blithe. I grab this one each time as my skin is feeling so good when it is applied.


The toner itself comes in plastic green colored container with white pump on top. There are not so many toners out there with that great function making it super handy to use. No matter what application method do you use, hands or a cotton wipe, you will always be able to control the amount of product you disperse.


Now let's talk size! The bottle contains 200 ml of liquid which is a lot for a toner. Classic toner sizes run somewhere between 100 and 150 ml. Of course there are exceptions which are usually limited editions such as in case of WHAMISA who released 300ml container of their most sold Organic Flower Toner couple of years ago. So 200 ml as a standard size is a big deal. The amount you use per time varies from person to person but for example with my oily dehydrated skin I need 2 full pumps for entire face. I can easily build it up by applying 2-3 layers.


With this toner I do not feel like I need more than three layers at a time. Mainly because of the texture of it. It is watery,  yet runny, yet almost slimy at the same time. It is like gummy bear and snail had a baby. I love how slick it feels. Due to the good slip it is very easy to spread it on the skin without tugging and pulling reducing irritation from friction.  As for the hydration- wowza! My skin is revitalized and smooth, there is no stickiness or tackiness after using it. None of the products I apply later over it pill or move around my skin. And the cherry on top --> After using it for 2 weeks straight in my AM and PM routines, my skin is noticeably less oily. It is a true and unexpected love for me.


+ Rich texture
+ Economic in use
+ Excellent price : quantity ratio
+ Lovely scent or absence of it
+ Extremely hydrating for my skin
+ Visible smoothing, soothing and firming results on my skin
+ Great for all skin types, especially oily skin
+ Perfect texture for summer
+ Fast absorbing
+ Hygienic applicator



– Hard to get in EU
– Lack of information in English on the packaging


Where to buy:

❇ NL and BE: littlewonderland, boozyshop, coos-cosmetics, missha, bbcreamshop,
❇ Internationally: Available at yesstyle, beautyboxkorea, stylekorean and other online retailers
❇ Price is under 20$ per swhooping 200 ml container with a pump


Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati ?