BELLAMONSTER Blemish Care Solution Ampoule


Claims from the manufacturer:

❇ Helps the active ingredients of Calamansi ampoule to quickly absorb into the skin, while improving a brightening whitening effect
❇ The Blemish Care Solution Ampoule by BELLAMONSTER is enriched with vitamin C and kalamansi extract to even out and brighten your complexion
❇ It removes dead skin, keeping it nourished and smooth

Directions from the manufacturer:

Apply the product onto skin after cleansing and toning. Pat to absorb.


Since this product is quite new on the market, there are no sources listing all of the ingredients. I've contacted the brand and am still waiting for their reply. The main reason is that ingredients are listed in Korean which I do not speak or read much. What I know so far is that ampoule contains calamansi citrus plant extract, niacinamide, adenosine, ginseng extract, 8 different kinds of peptides, lecithin and hyaluronic acid. When I know more, you'll be able to read it here.

My experience:

BELLAMONSTER Blemish Care Solution Ampoule is a masterpiece ampoule that is great for oily skin in the summer due to the light texture of it. I am fairly new to the brand and got 4 products to test out when they became available on StyleKorean website. There was a massive introduction sale for this line and I do regret I didn't get more products because ones I am testing now are supercharged with amazing ingredients and their textures are perfect for my skin.

One big downside of buying stuff from abroad is that you never know what the ingredients are since many packages lack translation. So it was the case here. SK did not add the actual list to the description but I was able to peek the major ones from Russian SK website so that I could sum up the major players so to speak 🙂 Blemish Care Solution ampoule contains niacinamide, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, panthenol, cholesterol,  phytosterols and calamancia fruit extract which is vitamin C bomb. My heart starts beating faster just by looking at this. There are 8 different peptides added to the game.

The entire thing comes in a gorgeous bright yellow glass bottle with nice pipette applicator. I would appreciate the pump as with the Stress Solution serum more but we got to work with what we got. I am just being a bit picky today. Texture of the ampoule is super light. It applies almost like a gel and starts becoming runny once it touches the skin. There is a slight citrusy scent to it that feels very natural. The expiration/deterioration speed is. unknown thanks to the lack of English description on the packaging but since it has no active form if vitC, I presume it is longer than 3 months.

Blemish Care Solution Ampoule is outstanding in my skincare stash because how light and non occlusive it is on my skin. I would recommend it to any skin type if you fight with post-acne scarring and pigment spots. It will not directly reduce the blemishes amount on your skin but it does lighten the scarred areas and pigment spots very well. As for the target group, it would suit anyone. Teens will love the lightness of it, more mature audience will benefit from supercharged peptide-ceramide-adenosine-phytosterols combo going on. It's a win win product and I am proud to announce that it goes to my "Hall of fame" 🙂 Get it and you won't regret it.

gel like texture
melts on the skin
zero finish, my favorite

+ Alcohol, paraben, sulfate and silicone free formulation
+ Contains niacinamide, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, panthenol, cholesterol and phytosterols
+ Light gel like texture
+ Absorbs very quickly
+ Decent price : quantity ratio
+ Lovely citrusy scent
+ Moderately nourishing for my skin
+ Visible skin brightening after 1 week of use on my skin
+ Great for all skin types


– Somewhat hard to get in EU
– Ampoule comes only in 30 ml, I can only wish that they would upgrade it to 50 ml
– Lack of description in English on the packaging

Where to buy:

❇ NL and BE: Not available
❇ Internationally: Available at amazon, yesstyle, stylekorean and other online retailers
❇ Price is 20€ per 30 ml glass vial with pipette applicator

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati ?