QBEKA snake venom rejuvenating mask is stated to be a biological fiber mask from China. From what I can tell it is a bio-cellulose product but it is way thicker than any regular bio-cellulose masks I’ve ever tried.


Claims from the manufacturer:

❇ Contain superior rejuvenating energy, activate the potential in deep skin.
❇ Adopt advanced biological fiber, perfectly attach on skin, deliver snake venom active peptide and other medical cosmetology ingredients into deep skin, reduce dry and fine lines, fade dull tone, shrink rough pores, prevent early ageing of skin cells, and keep skin smooth, moist, lustrous and delicate with rejuvenating function as a miracle.
❇ Royal superior skincare, Integration of natural beauty and advanced technology.

Directions from the manufacturer:

After skin cleaning, take out the mask from the bag, the mask has 3 layers, remove the reticular layer. Apply the middle layer which is the biological fiber mask on the face, remove the smooth layer, adjust the mask to make it perfectly attach on skin.  Keep it on skin for 15-20min, remove the mask, wash free, gently massage skin to absorb the remained essence.


Deionized water,1-3 butanediol,methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate,aloe,hydrolyzed collagen,hyaluronic acid,tranexamic acid,vitamin B5,Palmitoyl Oligopeptide,Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-7,Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-3, tripeptide-10

My experience:

I was quite skeptical about this sheet mask. It’s manufactured by a Chinese brand QBEKA. I was searching for some time and still didn’t find any information or their website. That is very funky in such digital era. Oh well, I took the risk getting it anyway. My experience with it was very neutral.The package is well made and opens up very easily. Once I opened the sachet, I saw that the serum was milky-white, more of a lotion consistency. There is no smell to the essence at all. I found it promising. The sheet of the mask is made of what looks like extra thick bio-cellulose sheet sandwiched in between 2 white fiber layers.


Application of this mask was easy-peezy. There are no any additional cuts except the holes for the eyes and a cut-out for a nose flap. I thought that I would neet to do some tailoring with scissors but the mask adhered to my face surprisingly well. I enjoyed walking around with it and even managed to pluck some weeds in the garden. The sheet of the mask didn’t move.


Once I removed the sheet after 20 minutes of wear I’ve noticed that it did get thinner. Now it was shrunk to the thickness of a bio-cellulose mask that I was more familiar with. I patted the leftover essence into my face, waited until it dried and looked in the mirror for any signs of brightening and dark spot reduction. Nope, nothing. Nonetheless the QBEKA snake venom rejuvenating mask has hydrated my skin very well. That’s about it.


+ Affordable bio-cellulose mask
+ Alcohol, paraben and sulfate free mask
+ Hydrates my skin well
+ Unscented
+ Suitable for all skin types
+ Good fit and adherence



– Claims to do it all but in the end the results are only hydrating on me
– English translation on the pack is just hideous
– Absence of the ingredients in English on the pack


Where to buy:

❇ NL: Not available in the Dutch webshops
❇ Internationally: Available at aliexpress
❇ Price is 13,29€ for the pack of 5


Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati 🙂