Once in a while I get lovely e-mails and messages from you with some questions. I'd like to sum up few of them in here under the FAQ. 

❇ Where do you live?
Eindhoven, Netherlands.

❇ What pushed you towards blogging?
I've always wanted to study journalism but changed my mind last minute. I also feel that there is a big gap in skin care world and I am currently trying to fill it in with my reviews of the products that are not so easy to get in NL.

❇ Do you accept products for reviews?
It did happen once so far.  I will consider each offer that will come wether it fit's my blog's content. You can be sure that there will not be any posts about zipping shoelaces or magic defroster in the future 😉 In case the product is sent to me for a review it will be tagged appropriately with the "collaboration" tag.

❇ How to contact you for collaborations?
Send me a message to the info@mask-guru.com

❇ Do you get paid for the reviews?
No. Everything that has appeared on my blog so far is purchased with my own funds.

❇ Where do you buy the products from?
It depends. Most of the things that I can get in NL or within the European Union are purchased here. If there is something I can not get my hands on so easily, which happens a lot with the K-beauty product, I order directly from Korea. I always try to leave the links for co-inhabitants if the product is available in our country.

❇ Are you a dog or a cat person?
Definitely a dog person.

❇ What is your favorite skin care item?
Definitely masks in all shapes, colors and forms.  There is something special about them making the ordinary routine very special to me. Oh, and a lip balm.

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