About me

Here are some fun facts about me:
  • Born and raised in Estonia in bilingual family, moved to Netherlands  9 years ago
  • Hit the 4th decade of life in autumn 2018
  • Happily married and a proud mom of an adorable baby girl
  • Original occupation - physical therapist but always wanted to be a journalist
  • Top 5 hobbies: laughing, traveling, beauty and skin care, reading and cooking
  • Height: 165cm, weight- changes from day to day
  • Skin type - Combination skin type with occasional breakouts
  • What I do in my free time - everything that makes me enjoy my life
  • How others describe me in one word- straightforward
I hope you will enjoy reading my blog about my personal experiences with the skincare products that I review. In this blog you will find approximately 50% of the posts reviewing the face masks in all their shapes and forms. 30% of the posts are about the other skincare that I find is worth mentioning. The remaining 20% will be some miscellaneous products for example patch treatments, products for the hair, body and home. I hope you will find my blog helpful, Yours truly, Kati :)

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