It’s time for some DIY! Today I’m reviewing a super cool product that I discovered some time ago at the local TKmaxx store. I am talking about the compressed face masks by Australia. I’ve used several sheets for DIY masks in the past and to be honest these are the best!

Claims from the manufacturer:

❇ For a truly detoxifying and refreshing experience, these compressed charcoal face masks expand to a full size face mask.
❇ 25 pieces
❇ 100% Vegan
❇ Paraben free
❇ Sulfate free

Directions from the manufacturer:

Remove plastic seal. Add your favorite moisturizer, serum or toner into our compressed face mask. The compressed mask will absorb your serum and expand to a full size face mask. Leave face mask on for 10-15 minutes. Remove and pat skin dry.


Not specified on the pack but I presume it is just dehydrated cotton.

My experience:

So what is  a compressed sheet mask? Well it is literally a sheet for the mask that is compressed to a size of the pill (large pill). It comes in a sealed capsule where you can pour your favorite serum, liquid moisturizer, toner or even fruit juice in order to make it your own unique sheet mask. FYI all of the mentioned ingredients can be mixed as well for one super-mask, but we’ll get to it later.

Each jar with masks comes with 25 pods and costs 5,99€. The assorted box containes both white (cotton) and black (bamboo charcoal) sheets. There is also one that has only the black sheets in it. So as they say, whatever floats your boat!

I usually open the capsule, take out the mask, fill up the capsule to the brim with the “juice” of my choice and put the compressed mask back into the capsule. Today the juice I chose was my new love – Super Aqua Mini Pore Tightening Toner. It is packed with mint extract and some other great ingredients and makes my skin feel wonderful! In the past I’ve used the witch hazel toner and my Time Revolution Night Repair ampoule that both worked great with these DIY sheets.

After mask has soaked everything that I added to the capsule I simply unfold it and apply onto my face. The sheet is very soft and elastic and adheres well to my face. The mask can be kept for 15-20 minutes without showing the signs of drying out. After I peeled off the sheet my skin was feeling cool, fresh and tight. Well last part was due to the tightening toner. Each time you use the ingredients of your choice, you will get the results based on the product you use.

Tip 1: If  you use a thicker consistency serum add some distilled or mineral water first. That you will soften up the mask. Add the serum or the moisturizer as a last part. That way you don’t use up all your precious serum but you’ll get all it’s benefits from the mask.

Tip 2: make it with the after-sun lotion if you have sun burned skin. 100% cooling and repairing for the skin.

+ Hygienic in use due to the sealed individual packaging
+ Great quality cotton
+ Affordable price
+ Versatile in use
+ Great for vacations! You can apply after sun cream into it turning this into a soothing repairing mask
+ Black sheet mask makes you look like ninja ?

– Hard to find witin the EU shops
– Capsule could be a bit larger to fit more liquid in it

Where to buy:
❇ NL and BE: TKmaxx shops
❇ Internationally:I could only find the kits on the website. These come with mask capsules and + coconut water or Rosehip water
❇ Price: I paid 5,99€ for the set of 25 masks

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati ?