So today this happened!

No it is not baby food nor cereal that my daughter was throwing at me 🙂 Couple of days ago I’ve picked up a new  “gold” face mask (like I don’t have enough). Being all curious about it I’ve immediately decided to try it out and report back to you. What do I think of it after one use? It is pretty decent exfoliant! Yes, you heard me correctly. I will explain later. First of all let’s talk about the usual stuff.

Golden foil ziplock bag with 141,7 grams of powder in it.










Substance inside:
Grainy dry powder without scent. Has light pinky-yellowy hint to it.
Seriously, I was searching for gold speckles or at least glitter, to my disappointment none was found.

Couldn’t find any on the package, neither online.

Application directions:
Pour 1/2 tablespoon of powder into your hand. Add water and mix until powder becomes a paste. Apply on face and leave on for up to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Remember to spot treat first before applying to the entire face.

oryza sativa(rice) powder, zea mays(corn) kernel meal, zea mays(corn) starch, sodium bicarbonate, kaolinite(rose clay), gold, cocos nucifera(coconut oil), parfum.(Thumbs up for almost all natural ingredients!)

My experience:
After NOT following the instructions to the letter (yeah I know I’m a rebel, I’ve mixed it in tiny bowl and applied it with the masking brush) I kept it on for 5 minutes. Mask remained the consistency of smashed rice pudding on my face till the very end of that time, not drying my skin out. So at this point I thought why not and scrubbed my face with it a bit. The result was impressive. After I’ve rinsed it off my skin was left smooth and squeaky clean. It was seriously as squeaky as it could get. I presume all the goodie ingredients have stripped the skin oil which is not a bad thing if you have a face that looks like a grease-ball by the end of the day. I think I will give it a go in the morning hours to prep my skin for make-up.

For the time being I applied my night-time skincare and headed off to bed. Upon waking up my skin was still smooth and had no breakouts. It wasn’t irritated either as it often happens once I do any abrasive scrubbing the day before. I’m positively intrigued and will continue experimenting with it.

+ Multiple use product. I can easily get 15-20 mask out of a bag
+ Nicely packaged. I like that it is sealable so that all the germs stay out of it
+ Relatively low price for the quantity of product
+ Excellent exfoliator
+ Superb at removing the sebum and oil
+ Nearly all ingredients are of natural origin

– Lack of information on the manufacturer’s website
– Absence of claims on the packaging. How else are we supposed to know what it is supposed to do to our faces?

Where to buy:
❇ NL: Tkmaxx stores
❇ Internationally:
❇ Price: 5,99 -11€ depending on where you purchase it

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati 🙂

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