I promised last week that I will share my evening skincare regimen with you and today is the day! I will go more into detail into the products that I use in separate posts that are linked to the main one here.  If I would list everything in one page, reading this post would be equal to reading a book. So if you want more information, just click on the name of the product and you will be redirected to the review of the product and there you can read the full description and my experience with it. At the end of this post I will leave the links with where I got everything.

1. Cleansing oil or micellar water to remove the make-up:

I have current 4 favorites for that. The TonyMoly “The tea tree cleansing water” removes the BB cream and sunscreen effortlessly but I don’t remove my eye make-up with it. Lancaster express cleanser does a good job at removing the light eye make-up and 95% of the foundation/sunscreen. Etude house baking powder pore cleansing cream is an oil cleanser and is removing any type of make-up from face, eyes and lips whether it is waterproof or not. MISSHA’s Super Aqua perfect water deep cleanser removes everything as well but stings my eyes so I don’t usually remove any eye makeup with it.

2. Cleansing gel to make sure all the oily residue is off my face:

This step ensures that all the possible traces and leftovers of oil and makeup from previous cleansers are removed from my face. Being thorough in cleaning face in such manner changed my breakout status from “often” to “rarely”. My go to products are the Vichy Normaderm gel cleanser, Nature Republic Hawaiian deep sea mild scrub foam cleanser and the IT’s True Premium Real Honey Deep cleansing foam. All of these are foaming extremely well and do not leave a dry skin after rinsing them out.

3. Toner to prep the skin for the next steps:

In summer it will be 2 years that I use the MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Active Toner. I am super happy with it’s gel-like consistency. A little product goes a long way. I apply it with super-thin cotton pads made especially for  products such as toners. That way you don’t waste your precious products. These pads are my life-savers for making my toners and make-up removers last longer!

4. Serum to enrich my skin overnight:

The Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule is a wonderful product if your skin needs extra moisture. What stuns me the most is how good it is at calming the redness of my skin. My skin feels smooth to the touch and is very supple thanks to this wonderful ampoule.

5. Essense or the emulsion for extra moisture:

I use the MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Control Emulsion every 2nd day after the serum step. It has very rich creamy texture when it comes out of the bottle but once applied on the skin it feels more like a thick gel. I use 2 pumps to cover my entire face.

6. Sheet mask:

In the evening I gravitate towards the sheet masks that are wether hydrating (masks with sea algae and hyalyronic acid), soothing (masks with chamomile, calendula, rose oil and lavender),  purifying (masks with charcoal, tea tree oil) or  have detoxing (masks with green tea) properties.

7. Night cream:

I would not call the MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Cream an actual cream. To me it is a very thick gel that sinks quickly into the skin without being sticky or tacky. The smell is absolutely divine. If i would need to describe it in 1 word I would definitely classify it as the smell of happiness.

8.  Face oil and sleeping pack (my optional step):

I use the MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Oil seasonally, mostly in the end of the autumn and throughout the winter. You need to mix it with the night cream before the application onto the face. I also use a Biotherm Liquid glow oil which I mix with the Biotherm Skin best night cream on the evenings when I do a harsh acid skin peeling.

As for the sleeping packs, I am using these the night before I want my skin to look extra smooth and hydrated.  That’s about every 3-4 days. If I am on vacation I use them daily. My favourites are the Lancome Overnight Recovery Sleeping mask and MISSHA’s Super Aqua Ice Tear sleeping pack.

Links to the webshops where I bought the mentioned products:

TonyMoly “The tea tree cleansing water” – 300 ml for 16,25€
Lancaster express cleanser – 400 ml for 11€ when it is on offer
Etude house baking powder pore cleansing cream – It is cheaper online. I got mine at Tkmaxx store for 16,99€ for 180 ml
MISSHA’s Super Aqua perfect water deep cleanser – 320 ml for 13,95€
Vichy Normaderm gel cleanser – 400 ml for 14€ 
Nature Republic Hawaiian deep sea mild scrub foam cleanser -150 ml for 10€
IT’s True Premium Real Honey Deep cleansing foam – 150 ml tube that I got from the Tkmaxx store for 6,99€
Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule – 50 ml for 25€
MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Active Toner (150+30ml), MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Control Emulsion(130+30ml), MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Cream(80ml +10ml) – I got it when it was on sale for 55€
MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterful Oil – 30 ml for 18,79€
Biotherm Liquid glow oil – 30 ml for 28,86€
Biotherm Skin best night cream – 50 ml for 43,29€
Lancome Overnight Recovery Sleeping mask – 75 ml for 55,39€
MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tear sleeping pack – 100 ml for 19,45€

I hope this post was helpful to you. Thank you for reading!

Yours truly, Kati 🙂






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